Flea market finds. (Photography by Trevor Powers)

Tattoos done by Aivaras Ly.

America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 21 makeover 

Pavilion for Optimisation, Haroon Mirza, 2013.

1. I’m 17 and I’m in a state of perpetual state of heartbreak
and my lungs are black from cigarette smoke

2. I’m 17 and I’m paralyzed at the thought of having a future
and my iron wrists have bleed rust for the past 4 years

3. I’m 17 and I’m an insomniac whose eyes are bruised black and blue
and my heart aches with every waking moment

4. I’m 17 and I’m full to the brim with shards of shattered dreams
and my words often get stuck in my throat choking me

5. I’m 17 and I’m acting as if I don’t need anyone but I need you
and my escape is into the pages of love sick poetry

6. I’m 17 and I’m longing to be buried at the roots of an elm tree
and my bones are bruised from beatings I give myself after every mistake

7. I’m 17 and I’m learning about life still so be kind
and my soul still has some searching to do

- 7 Things About Being 17-by (N.I.)

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Modern Love Editorial  MUA/Hair: Kristina Marie Feyerherm Styling: Colin Boettcher Assistant: Emiley Smith Model: Stasia with Ford © Cassie Scott

Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.


as much as i truly like to pretend that i have mended myself together this past year i am still here as broken, lost, and confused as ever


Christo and Jeanne-Claude
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